Dal Santos Sausage & Catering

Specializing in homemade Italian food!

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Specialty Trays


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Lasagna (10-12 Servings)...24.99

                Made with our special sauce, 100% real mozzarella, ricotta and romano cheese.


Mostaccioli (12-14 Servings)..20.99

            Made with our special meat sauce.


Baked Mostaccioli (12-14 Servings) .23.99

            Made with our meat sauce, covered with mozzarella cheese, and baked.



            Stuffed pasta with meat or cheese and covered with our special sauce.


Stuffed Shells (Approx. 25 pcs.) 24.99

            Stuffed pasta with ricotta cheese, brick cheese and covered with our special sauce. Excellent!


Sausage & Peppers (Serves 16) .30.99

Our Famous Italian sausage baked, then topped in our homemade sauce and

covered with our own roasted peppers. Includes four inch Gonnella rolls


Beef (Serves 30) ..54.99

            Tender Beef warmed in tasty gravy.  Includes 30 rolls.


Meatball (35-40 pcs.) ..20.99

            Meatballs baked and put in our red sauce.  Makes a great side dish!


Polish Sausage & Kraut (Serves 15) .22.99

           Our Polish sausage baked and then topped with sauerkraut.

Fried or Roasted Chicken (Minimum of 30 Pieces Please)..$1.19 per piece


Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (Seasoned in garlic/butter)... . $1.89 per piece


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Meat/Cheese Trays


The American (Ham, Beef, Turkey, Turkey, American Cheese & Swiss Cheese)

            Medium (15-25 Sandwiches)$39.99

            Large (25-35 Sandwiches)....$46.99

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The Italian (Capicolla, Mortadella, Salami, Provolone Cheese & Muenster Cheese)

            Medium (15-25 Sandwiches)$40.99

             Large (25-35 Sandwiches)....$46.99



Cheese Tray (Chunks of 7 of our most popular imported & domestic cheeses)

           Small (15-20 People).............$23.99

          Medium (2030 People).....$33.99



Antipasto Tray (Variety of our most popular Italian lunch meats and cheeses,

                             including capicolla, sopressa, mortadella, salami, provolone cheese and asiago cheese)

               Small (10-15 People) ......$27.99

                Medium (15-25 People)...$40.99

                Large (25-35 People)..$47.99


Sub Sandwiches


                        Italian                                                             American

             Capicolla, mortadella, salami                                                Ham, beef, turkey    

                 Provolone & muenster cheese                                           American & swiss cheese


(Party Loaves Serve 6 7 People per Foot)


            One Foot Subs..$14.99


   2 Foot Through 6 Foot Subs..$16.99 Per Foot


            Corona Sub (Serves 8)...$21.99



We also carry a full menu of dessert trays!!!!!

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Prices subject to change without notice.              3 Days Notice Required.